Flora and Falling Leaves

Conceived as a complement to the Outside In Collection, our newest Annex products offer a collection of refreshing natural and organic elements.  A tapestry of artfully arranged abstract florals grace Flora’s 24” x24” tiles. A crisp Autumn day is alluded to with silhouetted foliage that descends down the length of Falling Leaves’  12” x 48” demi-planks. Standard colorways include three coordinating colors to the existing Outside In Collection.

ANNEX is a curated collection of fully developed and tested patterns, each of which can be easily customized to make a visually distinct product.  ANNEX products are designed to enhance your product presentations, showcasing our penchant for product styling and coordination.

Quick Highlights

  • Solution/ yarn Dyed
  • Encore® BCF Nylon with ColorLoc® Plus
  • 21 oz.
  • 12” x 48” Demi-plank (Falling Leaves) 24” X 24” modular (Flora)
  • Textured Loop
  • 300 SY minimum and up to 5% overage required