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Product Details

Flash provides a bold, yet tailored design that easily pairs with both of its companions - Pop and Propel. The line color options reflect a coordinating color of Pop.

Product Specs

Construction Loop
Wear Layer 100% Solution Dyed Polyester - Universal Fibers
Standard Backing Polyester Felt Cushion
Dye Method Solution Dyed
Pattern Repeat N/A
Total Weight (nominal average) 4.5 oz - 5.2 oz/ square foot
Total Thickness (nominal average) .205 inches
Dimensions: 24" x 24" modules
Packaging Eighteen (18) modules per box (72 sq.ft)
Special Treatments Kinetex ProTex®


LEED Contribution Contact J+J for LEED Info
NSF/ANSI 140 Certification: Platinum
CRI Green Label Plus GLP 2690
Recyclability: 100% Closed-loop Recyclable
Recycled Content: >55% (post-consumer/industrial)
LEED Scorecard: EQ 4.1 and EQ 4.3
Indoor Air Quality Certification CRI Green Label Plus™


ASTM E 648: (Flooring Radiant Panel) Class 1
ASTM E 662: (Smoke Density) Less than 450.0 (flaming and non-flaming)
AATCC 134: (Electrostatic Propensity) Less than 3.0kv
AATCC 16: (Colorfastness to Light) Rating of 4.0 or greater
AATCC 129: (Colorfastness to Ozone) Rating of 4.0 or greater
AATCC 165: (Colorfastness to Crocking) Rating of 4.0 or greater
AATCC 107: (Water Repellency) Rating of 4.0 or greater
ASTM D 5252: (Appearance Retention) Rating of 4.0 or greater
ASTM 1028-96: (Slip Resistance) Complies with ADA Guidelines for level surface
ASTM C 423-02: (Noise Reduction Coefficient) NRC Rating 0.30
ASTM E 492-09: (Impact Insulation Classification) IIC Rating: 64
AATCC 175-08: (Stain Resistance) Resists most challenging stains
Bleach Resistance: Resists color change when exposed to recommended bleach cleaning solutions
Underfoot Cushioning: Anti-fatigue surface

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