Aquafinity: J+J Flooring Group Water Reclamation System

Aquafinity_Diagram_2013J+J’s Aquafinity® System is capable of removing dye and chemical additives from its industrial wastewater by using a blend of filters and reverse osmosis. This innovative filtration process is an industry first and is helping J+J recover 65% of its dyehouse wastewater annually. With the Aquafinity System we are going to see warmer, cleaner, and more consistent water than we have ever seen. That means we won’t have to use as much energy to warm the city’s 60 degree water. As a result, we expect to save 5 billion BTU’s of energy each year. That’s the equivalent energy to power 150 local homes for a full year! The reuse of wastewater in carpet dyeing is an environmentally innovative process that J+J is proud to pioneer. In fact, we anticipate annually recycling 25 to 27 million gallons of dye house wastewater with the Aquafinity System. Because we think that a sustainable industry is better than a sustainable company, tours of the facility are being offered for our customers, regional officials and even our competitors.




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