Designer Laura Holzer’s latest blog looks into the tradition and artistry of this celebration.

We’ve all lost someone close.

For me, being inspired by the memories of their lives is an everyday thing, this has drawn me to the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead. So has the stunning and colourful art. The Day of the Dead is celebrated on October 31 – November 2 of each year. In Spanish, this holiday is called Día de Muertos and/or Día de los Muertos. Now celebrated around the world, it is a time to honor and celebrate family and friends that have passed away.

The traditions are so fascinating and colourful. Some of those traditions include building private altars called ofrendas, honoring the deceased using sugar skulls and marigolds, sharing the favorite foods of the deceased and visiting graves with gifts.


On a recent trip to Phoenix I stumbled upon a small Day of the Dead Gallery (images shown), which I could have spent days in. The painting and sculptures with such vibrant colours were so strong and full of life. I spent way to long deciding on what I was going to carry back on the plane. The painting I fell in love with remained hanging in the window and I still wonder if it’s there. I purchased a sculpture of a sugar skull bride and groom that I feel has brought good luck to my home, as many believe the sculptures do.


Get your inspiration by taking a minute over the next couple of days or any day of the year, to remember those you hold close to your heart. Let them inspire you. I know I do every day. Miss ya dad.