Designer Denise Bennett talks about how the artistry of quilting goes way beyond just patchwork.

Our design team recently had the pleasure of attending the Chattanooga Quilt Convention in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I’m the first to admit that I haven’t really kept up with this type of art form in quite some time. My grandmother was a quilter years ago, but that didn’t prepare me for what I saw during this convention. It seems that quilting has come a long way since my grandmother’s wedding ring quilts!

One of the things I noticed most (other than the amazing designs) was the use of embellishments, metallic yarns and space-dye yarns.


Our carpet world shares some similarities to the quilt world because we too use shiny and space dye yarns in the construction of some of our products. We’ve yet to use beads and/or Swarovski crystals but you never know what the future will hold!