Welcome Coalesce and Collaborate

We are thrilled to announce that the modular additions to the Coordinates Collection are here!

The two new Quick Ship modular products, Coalesce and Collaborate, complement one another in scale and pattern to create a well-rounded, cost-effective pair of designs. Both were designed to work alone, together or in conjunction with their partners in Mix, Merge and Fuse.

Collaborate features the larger scale design. It depicts a loose, offset square with more definite patterning. The scale is large enough to create visual interest on the floor while providing a tailored backdrop to any interior space.

Coalesce, the sister to Collaborate, offers a design with a subtle, textural aesthetic. This easy-to-use, flexible product makes a beautiful complement for a wide variety of fabrics, finishes and wood tones.

The color line is fresh and clean with chameleon-like color-ways that will work well with an array of interior palettes. Each is manufactured using 100% Encore® BCF nylon and is standard on Nexus® backing.