Eight New Color Trends to Look For

NeoCon Trends

by: Cindy Keasler

Last week while at NeoCon 2015, I had the opportunity to hear color marketer Leatrice Eiseman of Pantone (www.colorexpert.com) share the latest color forecast. She gave additional insights and below are some great trends to look for this upcoming year.

There is both a romance and the business of color. As designers we need to keep people interested in what color can do for them. There is a need to re-invent the way we look at color to create interest. One new direction or twist is in using new combinations of color. Also, collective thinking and influences of the world around us, especially new technical influences, change how we view color.

Leatrice shared eight categories the trends fall into:

Invisible:  Softness in the palette with cooler colors. Quiet, calming, therapeutic, relaxing, and serene describes the feeling these colors invoke. Muted, milky tones. Foamy, transparent and diluted color that has an ethereal quality. Often the background is soft with merchandise standing out.

Fade: Similar to Invisible but warmer. Influence of peachy tones. Sepia and greyed tones. Light and airy neutral tones. All about the context (i.e. mauve used more monochromatically or fresher look with white)

Unmask: Ethnic multi-cultural look – urbanized. Vegetal – embrace the brighter colors in vegetables. Complementary/opposite colors are acceptable. Textural/tactile important quality.

Change: How to make it look new? Artistic palette – look from different perspectives. Inside of the earth. Metallic in softer combinations. Blues and blue-greens for a fresh relaxing air.

Discover: Draws the eyes. Blues/greens subdued in calming shades combined with brilliant yellow (yellow oranges or yellow greens).

Reflect: Oranges, coral, copper and spruce green

Proclaim: Botanical hues/nature – speaks to sustainability. Faux green finishes. People opening up to more color – yellow is an outstanding accent.

Exhibit: Confidence and kitsch; fun mixed demographic and theatrical. Not matchy/matchy – variations of color. Made to fit into your environment. Reds influenced by both oranges and blues.

Additional trends:

Large floral treatments being introduced into contract
Metallics are hot and not going away with copper being seen the most
Reclaimed wood – sustainability
Fluorescent colors being more accepted; being used at the retail level
Marsala is not going away – retro feeling in fashion but also very current. Earthy and robust – wine with brown. Look at the Sephora line of makeup
New concept with color is the frames of furniture changing not the cushions