Major trend influencers are typically individuals or organizations not following trends at all – they are conceptualizing new ideas that will eventually influence the market.

The Objects Made event stems from interviews of 21 crafts people, artists, designers, architects, and small companies to understand how they think, design and work. From these interviews, Objects Made discovers a series of uncovered trends ranging from social and economic to visual and conceptual – offering a glimpse into what parallel perspectives drive tangible creativity.

During the event, attedees will experience the featured objects first hand and will hear the insightful findings from materials designer, Sarah Miller.

“I have had the unique chance to understand what it really means to appreciate a well-crafted object through the experience of meeting their specific makers. It is my hope that in sharing the stories of these makers and the highlights of their work, that you too will find greater appreciation in not just the objects made, but also those who made them.”   Sarah Miller, Portland-based Materials Designer