SHOWROOM 10-118   #jjfiltered

For decades, photography has allowed us to document our lives in order to experience each moment long into the future.  The future however, took an ironic turn as we began to adopt digital filters to mimic the unexpected, textural appeal of early instant photography.  Inspired by this vintage visual, J+J Flooring Group introduces Filtered Effects, an imaginative, full spectrum carpet collection from the Invision brand. Don’t miss the J+J Flooring Group showroom to get a glimpse of this new collection, see the newest Kinetex designs and the experience the beautiful photography by She Hit Pause Studios featured above.

We look forward to seeing you!


Our newly renovated showroom awaits…stop by to see the transformation!  #jjfiltered


Relax and unwind with tropical eats and drinks on Monday, June 15 from 3:00 pm – 5:00pm.  #jjfiltered


We will be snapping photos throughout the day and visitors will be entered for a chance to win a modern spin on the classic instant camera!  We will give away five cameras on Monday and five on Tuesday!  Drop your business card for your chance to take one home!  #jjfiltered

About the Photographer:

Photographer Matt Schwartz creates glowing dream-like images using a large-format 3 x 10 Polaroid camera and a process known as “Polaroid transfer.” Schwartz pulls apart the Polaroid film and presses the negative on to wet watercolor paper, which gives the photograph a distinctive richness and depth, images that seem to be suffused with sunlight and filtered through the lens of an earlier and slower time.  The photographer notes that, “My favorite comment about my work has been, ‘I wish I could live inside the world of your images.’”  Best known for his studies of beach and surf culture, Schwartz’ work has a rare beauty composed of color, light and time Learn more at