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J+J Flooring Group Introduces New Kinetex Products, Flux
and Fracture

Part of the Form + Finish Collection, Beautifully Designed Products Also Offer Exceptional Performance, Health and Safety Benefits

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CHICAGO — NeoCon (#10-118), June 12, 2017 – Born from the time-honored craft of pottery making and glazing, J+J Flooring Group’s newest Kinetex products, Flux and Fracture, bring an unexpected yet sophisticated addition to any commercial space. Like a finished piece of pottery, each one unique in its own hand-crafted way, both products feature bold organics, unique color combinations that effortlessly wash into each other and a graceful, fluid patterning that elegantly reflects the art of glazing.

Flux and Fracture are part of the new Form + Finish Collection, an intelligent grouping that also contains four refined carpet products defined by plush textures and non-patterned patterns. Flux and Fracture and their carpet companions can be easily paired and installed together in various methods to create distinct design combinations. For greater flexibility, any of the six Form + Finish products can be matched with J+J’s new LVT products, providing even more solutions for meeting the needs of any commercial installation or project.

Flux, a 12” x 48” demi-plank available in six colorways, focuses not on the glaze as a finished application, but rather on the beauty of the liquid itself as it first begins to transform in the firing process.  Colour emerges in intense fashion as the form begins to give way to its final culmination: A versatile, beautiful and organic design that morphs from each of its planks or seamlessly combines with other J+J Flooring products.

Fracture is a 24” x 24” modular product in 12 colorways. With a patterning effect revealing the look of what a crackle glaze creates, Fracture embodies the concept of perfect imperfection. By highlighting each separation within the glaze, this new finish takes on a dramatic and aged appeal.

As textile composite flooring products, Flux and Fracture offer more than just beautiful design. The products bring the warmth and feel of a soft surface with the durability and maintenance attributes of a hard surface.

Developed from the practiced approach of evidence-based design, they also bring a proven array of benefits for performance-driven commercial spaces.

Research shows that certain aspects of the built environment, flooring included, can play a pivotal role in achieving positive and measurable outcomes related to productivity, health, safety and effectiveness.

Through its innovative design, construction and materials, Kinetex products like Flux and Fracture contribute towards better acoustics, greater comfort, improved traction (when compared to a hard surface) to prevent slips and falls and enhanced indoor air quality.

As Kinetex products, Fracture and Flux are standard with PreFix™, a pre-applied releasable adhesive allowing the ability to install over concrete with an RH up to 99 percent, reducing the need for costly moisture mitigation.

All Kinetex products have a 50 percent lower environmental impact than traditional flooring. They also contain more than 55 percent recycled content and are fully closed-loop recyclable. Both are NSF 140 Platinum certified and have an EPD and a HPD available for complete transparency.

Kinetex products also offer extreme stain resistance and the ability to withstand 5 million foot traffics with minimal wear. Their lifecycle cost of ownership is less than that of rubber, LVT and VCT.

Flux and Fracture are manufactured at J+J’s advanced vertically integrated manufacturing facility in Dalton. The industry’s first third-party certified zero-waste-to-landfill facility, it is also certified to the newest ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification, ISO 14001:2015.

For more information, visit or call 800.241.4586.

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About J+J Flooring Group
For more than 60 years,  J+J Flooring Group has intelligently crafted beautiful commercial flooring products for diverse applications. As a division of Engineered Floors, LLC, we are proud to be a part of the third largest carpet company in North America. With our range of products including broadloom and modular carpet, Kinetex textile composite flooring and luxury vinyl tile – we engineer all of our flooring solutions with a steadfast commitment to design, quality, service, integrity and sustainability.

In 2016, J+J Flooring Group joined Engineered Floors, LLC. Based in Dalton, Ga., Engineered Floors is a privately held carpet producer founded in 2010 by Robert E. Shaw. The company, which employs more than 2,800 people, produces stain-resistant and colorfast solution dyed nylon and polyester fiber and carpeting for residential replacement, new home builder, multi-family and main street commercial applications. To learn more visit,

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