Learning Spaces to Living Spaces

Focused on an evidenced-based approach to design, J+J Flooring Group collaborates with professionals to bring innovative and informed products to modern learning spaces. We believe that great aesthetics rely on credible evidence, but also speak to beauty, insist upon function and require the spark of the creative imagination.

Our singular depth and breadth of experience—together with insight into the issues that face universities and colleges today—make J+J a unique resource fully equipped to help customers create healthy, engaging and inspiring educational settings. We work with facility teams to identify the right carpet products for each application while streamlining installation and maintenance processes to ensure the best value.

With J+J Flooring Group’s broadloom and modular carpet, as well as LVT, and Kinetex textile composite flooring – we provide a range of product and service solutions to meet the needs of our customers.  From classrooms and student centers to living quarters and athletic facilities, our product portfolio allows you the freedom to mix-and-match patterns and colors to create unique flooring designs and modernize spaces with cost-effective solutions.

Products featured here are Modular.

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