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questions answered.

How is Kinetex installed?

  • Installing Kinetex is as easy to install as traditional modular carpet, however special attention should be applied until installers gain experience with module placement. Installers should perform site and material conditioning, surface preparation, concrete pH and moisture testing as if the were installing carpet modules. Because it is such a light-weight material, the modules cut very easily, reducing installation time.


How is Kinetex maintained?

  • Kinetex is cleaned using the same vacuum cleaners and hot water extraction equipment used to clean carpets. The schedules and cleaning supplies for preventative, daily, interim and restorative maintenance are similar to that of carpet. Kinetex dries 75% faster than carpet, rendering it suitable for cleaning while occupied. Please consult the Kinetex maintenance instructions for complete maintenance.

What is the warranty for Kinetex?

  • J+J Flooring offers Lifetime performance warranties for Product Performance, Colorfastness (Light and Crocking), Stain Removal, Static Propensity, Edge Ravel, Delamination and Dimensional Stability.

Can Kinetex be installed over slabs with high moisture and pH?

  • Kinetex is highly breathable and can be installed on higher relative humidity (RH) slabs than most non-breathable hard flooring. Allowable limits for RH and pH are 100% and 11 for Kinetex installed with Kinetex Adhesive or Kinetex with PreFix pre-applied adhesive. No moisture test or vapor barrier is required. Kinetex must be installed per manufacturer approved instructions.

Will Kinetex be sold as modules, roll goods or both?

  • Kinetex is available as a 24” x 24” modular tile and in select styles as  12″ x 48″ or 18″ x 36″ planks.

Can Kinetex be installed on stairs?

  • Kinetex can be installed on stairs. Please consult the installation instructions for the correct installation method for stairs.

Can Kinetex be installed using TileTabs?

  • Kinetex should not be installed using TileTabs, however we do offer PreFix, a pre-applied releasable adhesive for Kinetex products.


Can Kinetex be used as a wallcovering?

  • Kinetex is not designed for use as a wallcovering.  Wallcovering has different specifications and building code requirements than floorcovering.

Do you have a list of project references with contact name and addresses?

  • Yes. Contact your sales representative for the list.

How do I order samples of Kinetex textile composite flooring?

  • You can place your order online at, contact your J+J Flooring sales representative or contact our Business Development Assistants at 800.241.4586 ext. 8020

Is there a minimum order requirement for Kinetex?

  • Yes, 1 carton or 72 square feet.

How is Kinetex packaged?

  • Each carton of 24″ x 24″ Kinetex contains eighteen (18) modules (72 square feet), each carton of 12′ x 48″ Kinetex contains (18) modules (72 square feet) and each carton of 18″ x 36″ Kinetex contains sixteen (16) modules (72 square feet).

What adhesive can be used to install Kinetex?

  • Kinetex Adhesive or PreFix Pre-Applied Releasable Adhesive is required for the installation of Kinetex textile composite flooring.


What is the spread rate for Kinetex Adhesive

  • Spread rate is 720 square feet per four-gallon pail.