Conservation is an integral part of the day-to-day conduct for all of our associates.

We believe true sustainability requires full attention to the potential impacts of every aspect of our business. Like other leading companies, we gauge our progress by measuring our environmental and social performance with as much stringency as our financial performance.

On a day-to-day basis, we manage sustainability through our Campus Environmental Team. Guided by our executive group and under the leadership of our Director of Sustainability, the team includes representation from key business areas to assess sustainability performance, opportunities and progress. Each Campus Environmental Team representative also holds responsibility for initiating tactical sustainability efforts across his or her respective business unit — initiatives that come together under the umbrella of EnAct® – our enterprise-wide environmental action program.

J+J EnAct

We have never made a big deal about what we do because we feel that being environmentally conscious is an obligation, not a marketing differentiation tactic. Putting our people first also means looking to the future and taking care of our endowment of natural capital so these resources can be enjoyed by future generations.

J+J Flooring Group considers conservation at the core of sustainability. Preventing excessive or inefficient use of natural resources and the preservation and protection of the environment is the foundation of our environmental stewardship. This is the inspiration for our Environmental Action Program (EnAct®).

We are proud to be an EPA Green Power Partner and are committed to using clean, renewable energy for our electricity use. View our certificate here or learn more at

As responsible stewards of the environment, we believe in using all resources as efficiently and judiciously as possible — prioritizing conservation and consumption reduction before recycling or reuse. With conservation at the heart of our sustainability philosophy, finding alternatives for (and preventing the excessive use of) valuable resources is the basis of our approach to environmental impact management.

Environmental Policy

Engineered Floors Commercial Division commits to being an environmental leader in both the workplace and the community through:

  • continual improvement in its environmental objectives
  • reduction of pollution
  • abiding by all relevant environmental regulations and requirements

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