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Are you sure you want to clear all the tiles? This cannot be undone!

designed to coordinate.

Designed to coordinate with Kinetex textile composite flooring, our 4 inch straight wall base protects walls from scuffs while offering a finished aesthetic that perfectly complements your Kinetex flooring.


What Kinetex styles are available for wall base?

  • The solid/near solid products – Accelerate, Propel and Pop.

What is the minimum order?

  • 120 lineal feet

What is the installation method?

  • Kinetex wall base is a peel and stick installation. There are 3 adhesive strips on the back
    of the product, remove paper and adhere to the wall. There is no wet adhesive option for Kinetex wall base.

How is the product packaged and shipped?

  • The wall base will be manufactured in a 4 inch height,
    capped with a bound edge, rolled into a coil, then
    packaged into a box for shipping. The size of the coil is
    dependent on the size of the order.



What is the warranty?

  • J+J Flooring Group extends limited lifetime warranties covering
    Kinetex Wall Base.These warranties protect the original purchaser against performance
    deficiencies in specific categories.

What is the price?

  • Every wall base order is unique.  Please contact your J+J Flooring Group Sales Representative for pricing.