Resists staining agents and is bleach resistant*

Kinetex is tough to wear out but easily cleaned with vacuuming, encapsulation cleaning or hot water extraction (in areas prone to heavy soiling). Because of its lightweight face construction Kinetex retains less water than carpet and therefore dries 75 percent faster, rendering it suitable for cleaning while occupied. Kinetex resists the most challenging staining agents, such as blood, urine, Betadine and hand sanitizers. Its wear layer is bleach resistant, allowing it to be sanitized and spot cleaned without affecting color*.

The maintenance of Kinetex is simple and more cost efficient compared to that of hard-surface flooring. There is no need for stripping, wear layer application or buffing — saving time and materials.

*When sanitizing applied pattern products, a peroxide-based solution such as Vital Oxide® should be used. Bleach solutions may be used to sanitize products without applied pattern when using the recommended bleach/ water solution in accordance with the J+J Flooring maintenance guidelines. Please see the Kinetex maintenance instructions for full recommendations concerning schedules and cleaning supplies for preventative, daily and interim maintenance.

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