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as recyclable as a plastic bottle

At J+J Flooring we’re giving new life to old plastic by turning it into the most durable soft-surface flooring on the market. Kinetex contains no less than 45% post-consumer recycled content. One box of Kinetex contains the equivalent of 492 plastic water bottles, with one 24”x24” tile equaling 27 plastic bottles. And with its lower mass, Kinetex has a 50% lower environmental impact compared to other commercial floorings.

we believe in second chances


bottle calculator

Use our bottle calculator to determine how many recycled PET bottles are used in your next Kinetex order.

bottles used.


Kinetex is NSF/ANSI-140 Platinum certified (the industry-leading standard for sustainability) and has a Red List Free DECLARE label, affirming Kinetex as both a simple and sustainable flooring solution, guaranteed.

Learn more about DECLARE

 kinetex DECLARE flyer 

Kinetex dECLARE label