Nylon Fiber

J+J Flooring offers two types of nylon – type 6 and type 6,6. We manufacture our products in a range of fibers to meet your project’s aesthetic, durability, environmental and special needs requirements. There has been much debate regarding the superiority of one nylon chemistry versus the other. Our position is that no slight deviation in a single physical property (e.g. melt temperature or hardness) of these chemistries translate to on floor performance. There are many variables that dictate on-the-floor performance that are better indicators (e.g. density, pile type, tuft bind, and more) than merely nylon type. Nylon, in general, makes an exceptional commercial carpet fiber.


Encore SD Ultima Fiber

The first step in building a better commercial carpet is using a superior nylon. We were one of the first mills to extrude our own nylon, starting in 1991. By extruding our own nylon, branded Encore® SD Ultima®, we are able to control the color, quality, and appearance retention of our carpet products. Encore SD Ultima provides the customer a 25% post-consumer recycled content in the fiber.


Encore BCF (with ColorLoc® Plus Stain Resistant Technology)

Encore RE

Encore® RE nylon is a beautiful blend of various colors and dye levels. By combining these first quality yarns, we are able to maximize potential usage of materials and offer a collection of aesthetically striking products. Encore RE contains 100% post-industrial recycled content.


Kinetex Fiber

J+J Flooring’s Kinetex is produced with 100% polyester fiber. Our fiber is 100% solution-dyed, providing rich long lasting color with superior stain resistance and color fastness to ultraviolet light and aggressive cleaning methods. This continuous filament fiber system also delivers superior wear performance, soil resistance, anti-abrasion and extended new flooring appearance.

100% Polyester

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