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Are you sure you want to clear all the tiles? This cannot be undone!

Are high levels of moisture in your concrete slab causing issues with your project's flooring?

Concrete slabs are the most common flooring base used in a range of buildings, including residential and commercial. Like the majority of building materials, concrete constantly interacts with the conditions around it – temperature, humidity and other factors all have an impact on the moisture levels in concrete.  Excessive moisture from floor slabs after installation can cause floor covering system failures such as:

>Debonding of coatings<

>High pH attack on floor finishes<

>Microbial growth<

>Release of adhesive<

>Flooring expansion<  

    If high moisture emission is discovered during moisture testing, then proper precautions
    should be taken to prevent flooring system failures.

    J+J Flooring offers the following product solutions to help you control
    moisture issues!