Fairmont State University

The Project

Built in 1955, the Student Center at Fairmont State University has served as a common place to eat and socialize for students for more than 50 years. Recently the building, now called the Turley Center, underwent a $6 million renovation to transform the common area into a Student Access and Success Center for the entire campus community.

Architecture firm – Perfido, Weiskopf, Wagstaff +Goettel (PWWG) – was commissioned to transform the building into a multi-use center that houses a wide array of academic and financial support and services for prospective, current, and graduating students. The renovation creates one central location where students can find all the support services they need.


Due to the building being built into the side of a major slope with at-grade entrances at all levels and on all sides, occupants previously struggled with orientation and wayfinding – particularly knowing which floor level they were on. Additionally, the building’s main space was a former ballroom with a sprung maple dance floor. Although much of it was retained and refinished, there were some areas of extensive damage that needed alternative treatment with replacement flooring.


PWWG developed a distinct color palette for all the spaces on each floor level, varying only the pattern from space to space. In the heart of the interior space surrounding the refinished maple flooring, PWWG added seating areas for students. These new seating areas utilized Invision’s modular carpet Emerge, a multi-color linear modular design that enriches the space
by complementing the wood’s natural warmth and linear appearance. Invision’s modular carpet Pulp, was added in larger reception/office areas to create visual interestand to tie the color palette together.

Project Details

  • Design Firm – Perfido Weiskopf Wagstaff +Goettel
  • Flooring Contractor – Faris
  • Invision Products – Impact, Collaborate, Highwire, Pulp & Emerge Modular
  • Square yards – 2,376