Intrinsic Collection

Bringing together the essential elements of texture, light and color, Intrinsic’s grid pattern over soft neutrals creates a smart, modern aesthetic. The interaction of color and pattern creates a multi-layered effect, with a rough-hewn feel the perfect backdrop for a variety of interiors.

Intrinsic Accent takes the Intrinsic pattern one step further by introducing understated, yet very definite elements of color. These pops of color come and go throughout the design- some more distinct against the ground color, some that blend quietly within the neutral base.

The geometric motif of Integral softens and blurs into Integral’s organic cascade of abstract patterning. Beautifully fluid shapes of monochromatic neutrals provide a landscape versatile enough to transform a space to anything from quiet and elegant to extraordinary and energetic.
This dynamic trio of patterns balance an overlay of repeating geometric and organic elements to create interesting depth, making this a dimensional, go-anywhere collection.