Analog & Analog Mono

Analog and its companion, Analog Mono, create the perfect analogy between the two products though the unique usage of shared patterning and common core colors.  Combine the patterns and coordinating colors together and the result is an inspired and unparalleled visual that is perfect for a multitude of applications.


The inky brush-stroked grid over vibrant hues breathes new life into the latest Kinetex offering.  Analog Mono’s fresh palette offers garnet, olive, sapphire, russets and charcoals. Analog enhances the look with a band of complementary color.  The colors also complement a variety of colorways in Pop, Flash and Propel.

Quick Highlights

  • Polyester Wear Layer
  • Eight Colorways per style
  • 100% closed loop recyclable
  • NSF 140 Platinum Certified
  • EPD and HPD available