Cubist Collection

The avant-garde movement of Cubism centered around the idea that art is not bound to copy form, texture, color or space. The essence of the Cubist style is revealed through fragmented planes and dismantled geometric shapes that challenge the viewer to rethink their perspective of the artist’s composition.

Analytic – A deconstructed geometric of overlapping planes, Analytic is the base pattern, offered in both a warm neutral and a cool neutral.

Analytic Diffuse introduces a hint of color into the collage of layered, deconstructed forms.

Analytic Form brings into play a more spirited use of color into its fragmental patterning.

Softened with our PCT yarn construction, which creates unique striation and swaths of color, Analytic Diffuse and Analytic Form offer six rich shades in an 18”x36” tile to complement their warm Analytic base, as well as six fresh tones that energize the cool Analytic base. Each colorway incorporates multiple variations of the accent color.

This modern collection coordinates beautifully across our J+J portfolio.