Paradigm Shift Collection

Smart design meets advanced environmental performance. 

Among our most popular and best-selling collections, the Paradigm Shift Collection offers a versatile contemporary aesthetic at a great price point.  With six different patterns, Paradigm Shift provides multiple scales that can be used individually, or mixed and matched.

Each style is manufactured using an innovative process that incorporates recycled nylon and reclaimed nylon.  The finished product is comprised of at least 50% recycled content without any compromise in long-term performance.

Through sales of the products in this collection, more than one million pounds of nylon is reclaimed and redirected from the waste stream into the manufacturing stream every year.

Evolve, the flagship pattern, is available with eight different neutral base colors.  While the base colors remain consistent, the accent colors can vary widely from lot to lot and from muted earth tones to lively brights.  The designs of the patterns and color placement are extremely maintenance friendly and eliminate the worry of dye-lot matches.

Demonstrates accent yarns versus neutral base yarns