Quick Ship Broadloom

Our Invision Broadloom Quick Ship program offers an easy-to-use option with six of our most popular quick-ship products, Mix II, Merge II, Fuse II, Impulse III, Tone and Structure.

Mix II / Merge II / Fuse II

Diverse and understated Mix II, Merge II and Fuse II provide perfectly balanced aesthetics that create a neutral backdrop for a well-designed space.

1452 Blend

1944 Link

1945 Integrate

1947 Connect

 Impulse III

Impulse III features kaleidoscope patterning that is versatile enough to be used with a broad spectrum of interior finishes.

1432 Give it a Whirl

1808 Make a Move

7412 Speak your Mind

1811 Tell a Tale


Tone’s unassuming design and sophisticated colorline creates an elevated and uncomplicated aesthetic.

1752 Pitch

1757 Minuet

1758 Finale

1756 Prelude


The unique details of architectural elements influenced the pristine, sophisticated appearance of Structure.

1800 Camber

1801 Pilaster

1804 Truss

1806 Spandrel