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Are you sure you want to clear all the tiles? This cannot be undone!

Welcome to J+J Flooring’s 2022 NeoCon. Here you will find a virtual tour of our showroom, press kits and information about products featured at NeoCon.


featured products

Forces of Nature Collection
Modular Carpet

Forces of Nature depicts the beautiful chaos that results when elements gather and collide to take command of the skies. Tempest renders the strong surging movements of a wind storm through its irregular strokes of tone-on-tone color.  Cumulus clouds share a story through translucent shape and billowy formations across a backdrop of temperate sky. Zephyr offers an after-the-storm freshness with its muted textural transition of color and pattern.  The Forces of Nature Collection’s 18×36 carpet tile palette features 14 colorways in Cumulus and Tempest, with seven complementing colors in Zephyr.

Mirror Image Collection

Texture has the power to provide essential balance by influencing the mood and dynamic of a room. Where we add visual texture, we alter perception. The Mirror Image Collection utilizes high-def color technology to reflect the appearance of familiar textile visuals, while still delivering all the unique benefits of Kinetex. The collection is made up of four styles:

Parallels offers the look of a multi-loop textile with tone-on-tone neutrals.

Carbon Copy’s loosely defined linear pattern renders visual texture.

Reflections emulates a traditional densely tufted woven fabric.

Renewal mimics an organic motif against a tonal woven background.

Each of the styles in The Mirror Image Collection offer four classic neutral shades that are the perfect backdrop for a variety of spaces.


Modular Carpet

Few stones rival the powerful brilliance of the enigmatic obsidian. Its beauty and opulence has influenced artisans, culture, and even spirituality, for centuries. Inspired by its glass-like cuts and angles, Obsidian is a contrast of texture and geometry. The clean cutting lines allow shadows to fall in between, forming irregular geometric shapes. Obsidian is offered as a 24” x 24” carpet tile and is designed to effortlessly coordinate with its 24”x24” tile counterpart, Metamorphic. Both products offer luxurious multi-level loop patterning with uniquely textured yarns and diverse shade of color. This organic modern duo elevates any interior.




When beautiful ribbons of spring water flow over rock formations, Nature gifts us with the soft, hazy tone-on-tone striations of legendary travertine stone. The subtle tones of pearly alabaster, earthy browns and deeper ore lay the foundation for beautiful organic design that stands the test of time. Legend is available in an 18”x36” plank in five colorways.


Full NeoCon 2022 Digital Press Kit

Welcome to our NeoCon Online Press Room.  Below you will find press kits for our NeoCon products. For additional information please contact Reva Revis at or Kim Bobo at