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Are you sure you want to clear all the tiles? This cannot be undone!

Senior Living Design Symposium

This exclusive symposium is an environment for an open exchange of ideas and discussion of the trends that affect the design of senior living interiors. We examine the influence of interior design and the resultant impact on patient/ resident health, overall quality of life and care giver/ staff satisfaction. The interest as a manufacturer of quality floor covering products, is to understand the implications of these trends on flooring. Through this symposium we can collectively discuss the opportunities for flooring solutions that meet the needs of the patients and care givers in long term living properties.

The 2016 Symposium was hosted in Aspen, Colorado and included:

Matthew Becker
Perkins Eastman
San Francisco, CA

Reid Bonner
Civitas Senior Living
Dallas, TX

Hillary DeGroff
Perkins Eastman
Chicago, IL

Katie Denton
ID Collaborative
Greensboro, NC

Bethany Harris
Atlanta, GA

Kelley Hoffman
Spellman Brady
Saint Louis, MO

Faith Marabella
WDS Interiors
Methuen, MA

Judy Newcombe
Newcombe Design Assoc
Toronto, ON

Jennifer Owens
Owens Design
Stillwater, MN

Stacy Peters
Faulkner Design Group
Dallas, TX

Heidi Wang
Worn Jerabek Wiltse Archs
Chicago, IL

Lisa Warnock
Myhre Group Associates
Portland, OR