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Are you sure you want to clear all the tiles? This cannot be undone!

Welcome to Shift, a series of exploratory concepts from J+J Flooring Group. Each edition will shift perspectives to provide new ideas in the application of commercial floor covering.

— VOLUME 6 —

When we seek out inspiration, it can be hard to come by — or it’s fickle, or it’s fleeting. But when we open ourselves up to inspiration, and we let it find us: it always does. Be it a thing or a thought, a moment in time or a state of being, a part of the natural world or a piece of the one we’ve built. Inspiration is everywhere.

— VOLUME 5 —

This volume of Shift takes on Discovery: an unearthing of thought and creativity that ultimately lead to innovation and breakthrough. In modern learning spaces, design, color and pattern engage and inspire critical thinking — form and function spark creative imagination. It’s these elements that provide the foundation for discovery in the 21st century.

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