Form + Finish

For more than a century, a small studio in Detroit has made clay into ceramic. With careful hands and lightest touch, Pewabic pottery is shaped, thrown and fired. Changing, and then changing again. But it’s the finish that defines the work: an iconic, iridescent glaze that infuses every piece with striking movement and beautiful fluidity, perfect in its imperfections. Earlier this year, we traveled to the studio, where we became part of the process. Intrigued and inspired, we returned home, asking, can a finish become the start of something new?


Drawing on the fluid nature of glaze, Amorphous transitions from neutrals to bolds and back. The graphic pattern imparts a sense of movement that is visually striking and allows for endless installation variations.


Firing and glazing establish inseparable bonds, shifting from disparity to singularity over time. Atmospheric represents the coalescence of elements that join in harmony to establish a striking aesthetic of textured surface and colored glaze.


Drips, pulls, and flows create free-form glazing effects. Emulsion renders pattern from the unpredictable nature of movement of glaze.

Organic Raku

Raku literally translates to “happiness in the accident.” Inspired by the unpredictable yet beautiful results of this quick-fire method, Organic Raku yields saturated colors, eye-catching flares, and brilliant luster in tufted form.


As the only Kinetex product in the Form+Finish collection, Fracture embodies the concept of perfect imperfection. With a patterning effect revealing the look of what a crackle glaze creates, this new finish takes on a dramatic and aged appeal. Fracture offers more than just beautiful design. The product brings the warmth and feel of a soft surface with the durability and maintenance attributes of a hard surface.