Modern Repose Collection

There are countless inspirations influencing the design of Senior Living interiors, from traditional to modern. In bridging these style principles, we emerged with the Modern Repose Collection –  that celebrates the warmth and familiarity of classic patterning — with a modernist twist.

Tranquil brings a provincial flourish of ornate wrought iron motif with hushed ombrés of color. With thoughtful consideration to scale, Tranquil helps create a welcoming space. Whether it’s a main dining venue or an intimate living room, you’ll feel a sense of comfort and calm.

Serene’s engaging large and small-scaled organic pattern and scrolls of color offer refreshing character with graceful appeal.  The decidedly elegant, classic patterning imparts the easy elegance of a soulful retreat. From a café bistro to a relaxation lounge, Serene encourages a peaceful engagement.

Available in 24” x 24” modular and broadloom, Tranquil and Serene’s color palette of 10 colorways offers a harmonious mix of rich selections of blues, greens and rust, to beautiful neutrals that bring a soothing balance to any space.