Thrive Collection

The only thing constant is change. If we can adapt, adjust and advance, we can all thrive. In the spirit of creatively embracing the unexpected, comes this exceptionally fluid collection, Thrive – a visual shift of pattern and color: a contradiction of perceived design that is ever-changing, flexible and transforming.

Advance is an abstract collage of bold geometrics, with shifting angles and textural breaks over quiet neutrals that brings a striking energy and unity to large spaces.

Adjust is a more subtle movement of color and scale – a veiled overlay of fractal patterning that adds a delicate expression of geometry to any space. Its mid-scale pattern nicely bridges the larger scale of Advance and the understated texture and pattern of Adapt.

Adapt features hints of fragmented grid, blurred within graphic textures that lends a modern cohesion and elevates a room’s ambience.

The Thrive Collection’s three patterns are stylish and impactful on their own, but when combined together within the same space create a smart, statement-making interior that beautifully stands out.

Quick Highlights

  • Nexus® Modular Backing
  • 3 Styles
  • 18″ x 36′ Planks
  • 12 Colorways