Introducing Our First Plank Tile

Like a beacon of light quickly piercing the night sky, Invision’s newest modular plank product, Inception, resonates with chromatic highlights amongst neutral backdrops.  Inception is an intuitive reflection on the origin of light and its ability to come and go without ever having a truly finite end.

Within an open geometry of tonal bases, bright flares of color surge and dissipate along the 18” x 36” planks achieving a sense of movement in both horizontal and vertical directions. The blended visual effortlessly provides an impactful yet quiet aesthetic that never repeats itself.

Boasting very distinctive and thoughtful color families, Inception offers seven neutral colors that anchor the collection.  To build upon these bases, each neutral has two companion accent options that can stand alone in an installation or can be used in tandem to impart a seamless infusion of color.

Beyond pattern and color, Inception can forge an infinite number of visual effects through creative installation.  Whether used in a brick repeat, half-drop, herringbone, basketweave or monolithic configuration, the design-visual, scale and individual style are in the hands of the designer.

Created with 100% bleach-resistant fiber using the proprietary ColorLoc Plus Stain Resistant Technology, Inception joins Invision’s vast offering of products that include lifetime warranties for tuft bind, delamination, moisture barrier, dimensional stability.