A classic narrative with a hint of drama…

Smart aesthetics, superior performance and advantageous pricing converge in our newest modular carpet offerings – Fiction and Non-Fiction.

While the demand for a contemporary, value-priced product for the corporate segments was the motivation for these fresh and flexible new styles, Fiction and Non-Fiction will be well-received and a strong cross-over product for education and public space.  Its tonal palette will also be attractive for more contemporary senior/independent living environments.

Fiction’s blend of analogous hues form an ombre effect with a vibrant complementing overlay of color. Non-Fiction’s tonal textures on a neutral background creates a beautiful option on its own or makes the perfect pairing to the energy and color of Fiction.

Both products offer an intriguing texture and are manufactured using Encore® SD Ultima® nylon.

Quick Highlights
• 19 oz.
• Solution Dyed using Encore® SD Ultima®
• Textured Patterned Loop
• 10 Colorways Each
• 24” x 24” Modular
• NSF 140 Gold Certified