Sublime & Ethereal

We are pleased to introduce two products from the Abstractions Collection, Sublime and Ethereal.  Sublime is a larger scale pattern that captures the subtle, fluid movement of trinkets found in shoppes and marketplaces.  The smaller-scale organic pattern, Ethereal is a fusion of muted light and color.

Colors and textures from curios and objets d’art collected from travels around the world translated into striking carpet design.  The contrast of a larger design against more dense, tight areas makes a dynamic visual on the floor.
The sophisticated palette of 12 colors range from tranquil, nuanced hues to more dramatic colorations.  For the color application, we found that incorporating a space-dyed yarn, one which pulls in a variety of color accents, really starts to blend the colors and to mimic the appearance of a watercolor wash or painting.

This color application works very well in these products because it allows the patterns to read in a rather quiet way, yet still be vibrant. This flexibility comes from the useable colorline, where each colorway includes a rich neutral field set against a colorful range of accent colors.
Each product is manufactured using Encore® BCF with ColorLoc® Plus technology.
The use of ColorLoc Plus provides an added performance attribute offering the assurance that this product will perform like a 100% solution dyed product.

Quick Highlights
• 20 oz.
• Solution/Space Dyed
• Encore® BCF Nylon featuring ColorLoc® Plus stain resistant technology
• 12 Colorways
• Modular Only
• NSF 140 Gold Certified