Recertification Demonstrates J+J’s Ongoing Commitment to Holistic Sustainability and Conservation

DALTON, Ga. – Aug. 29, 2017 – For the third consecutive year, J+J Flooring Group, a leading manufacturer of commercial specified flooring, has been certified as a Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWL) manufacturer by GreenCircle Certified, LLC, (GreenCircle) a prominent third-party certifier of environmental claims.

J+J Flooring Group was originally certified by GreenCircle as a ZWL manufacturer in 2015. To achieve recertification, the company must be reevaluated annually. To date, J+J Flooring Group in Dalton, Ga., is the first and only commercial floor covering manufacturer to be certified by GreenCircle as a ZWL facility.

During the 2016-17 audit time period, J+J diverted more over 4 million pounds of waste from local area landfills.  The company achieved this by recycling 3 million pounds, reusing 92,615 pounds and sending 709,462 pounds of material waste to its energy-from-waste operator partner.

GreenCircle’s rigorous annual recertification process requires a review of J+J’s entire manufacturing enterprise. This includes analyzing: operational changes; new conservation measures; new and existing products being produced; waste generated at its facility; management companies handling waste materials; and information related to its waste haulers.

By becoming certified as zero waste to landfill in 2015, J+J has met one of its 20/20 Vision goals five years ahead of schedule.  This can be attributed to the company’s landfill reduction efforts, which began nearly 25 years ago.  J+J’s 20/20 Vision is a roadmap articulating the company’s commitment to corporate responsibility and how key environmental goals will be achieved by 2020.

“Our annual GreenCircle recertification demonstrates J+J’s determined and continuous commitment to environmental responsibility,” said J+J Flooring Group Director of Environmental Innovation, Russ DeLozier.  “It’s also a point of pride and distinction for our associates and customers alike, since it is no small task meeting GreenCircle’s comprehensive requirements.”

GreenCircle’s auditing evaluation covers J+J’s waste diversion at its Dalton, Ga., corporate campus, which includes both its manufacturing and administrative offices totaling 950,000 square feet.  In addition to industrial and manufacturing waste, the company diverts waste from all bathrooms, break areas, offices, conference rooms and design studios.

More information on J+J’s environmental and social responsibility investments and progress can be found in the company’s 2016 corporate sustainability report titled, Building Momentum. The report and prior year reports can be downloaded at


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