DALTON, Ga., February 2016 – J+J Flooring Group is introducing PreFix, a new quick installation option now available with any Kinetex textile composite flooring product.

PreFix is a pre-applied releasable adhesive that is fully integrated with the unique Kinetex backing. This meticulously designed system allows for a highly breathable tile while increasing adhesive performance.

PreFix features a recyclable release liner with extended edges that enable installers to easily peel back the liner. Once the liner is removed, a series of pre-applied, pressure-sensitive adhesive strips securely anchor the Kinetex module in place. PreFix primer is required to ensure a dust-free substrate surface. However, no application of adhesive to the subfloor is necessary.

Manufactured in the U.S. to the highest standards possible to ensure consistent, aggressive tack quality every time, PreFix is nonflammable and both alkali and water-resistant. Odor-free and containing no VOCs, it is CRI Green Label Plus Certified and is ideal for use in corporate offices with raised access flooring, schools, healthcare facilities and public buildings.

Kinetex products with PreFix save installers valuable time and money. As a 100 percent polymer adhesive, PreFix makes glue, cure and dry time obsolete; once a tile is down, it is ready to go. Installers can also avoid glue transportation charges and inventories, and no longer need to worry about the disposal of empty glue buckets.

Kinetex modules with PreFix are an excellent flooring choice when considering a floor covering option related to moisture mitigation for concrete and other surface floor slabs. The highly breathable nature of these products allows moisture to pass through the backing, rather than trap it underneath. This method of vapor transmission allows the flooring to be installed with up to 99 percent RH (relative humidity) and a pH level ranging from 7 to 11. No other commercial flooring product or flooring adhesive can achieve this standard, meaning they are the highest breathable products available in the marketplace today.

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About J+J Flooring Group

Established in 1957, J+J Flooring Group is a leading manufacturer of commercial specified flooring. With our two brands – Invision broadloom and modular carpet and Kinetex textile composite flooring – we provide a range of product and service solutions to meet the needs of our customers in the corporate workplace, education, healthcare, retail and hospitality sectors.


About Kinetex

All Kinetex products are constructed of knitted polyester fabric and cushioned polyester felt backing. The result is a soft textile aesthetic with the durability of hard surface flooring. Kinetex provides superior stain and crushing resistance through its ability to withstand more than 5 million foot traffics. It also provides better acoustics, comfort, cleanliness and slip-and-fall resistance than traditional hard surface flooring. Kinetex’s lifecycle cost of ownership (flooring materials, installation and maintenance over 7-10 years) is less than rubber, LVT and VCT flooring.


Named one of Environmental Building News’ Top 10 Green Building Products of 2014, Kinetex has 50 percent lower environmental impact than traditional hard or soft surface flooring. Kinetex products contain 55 percent recycled content, are fully closed-loop recyclable and are certified to NSF 140 Platinum. All Kinetex products meet the Carpet & Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus certification for low indoor air emissions and come with a third-party Environmental Product Declaration.


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