Grainy Rock-Like Appearance in Distinctive 18” x 36” Tile Format Resembles Hard Surface Look


DALTON, Georgia  – June 17, 2016  – J+J Flooring Group’s new Kinetex plank, Strata, seamlessly marries a nature-inspired aesthetic with a thoughtfully designed pattern in a 18” x 36” format. The result is a fresh, modern-looking flooring option resembling a classic hard surface appearance that brings multiple design installation opportunities.

As a textile composite flooring, Strata offers all the advantages of a soft surface product, including superior slip and rolling resistance, improved acoustics and anti-fatigue benefits.

The indigenous beauty of sedimentary rocks layered over time is at the heart of Strata’s design inspiration. Its organic pattern achieves a grainy, rock-like appearance that cleverly alludes to the look of stone slab. Available in nine neutral colorways, Strata is a functional and highly flexible flooring solution. Its sophisticated and unobtrusive design is perfect for a variety of end-use environments.

J+J engaged noted flooring designer Karen Maffetone of Karen Maffetone LLC., to lead the development of Strata.

As with all Kinetex products, Strata contains the warmth and feel of a soft surface, but with the high performance attributes of hard surface. Constructed of knitted polyester fabric and cushioned polyester felt backing, it is one of the most slip resistant flooring surfaces ever tested, wet or dry, thus reducing the potential for slip and fall injuries. Its unique low profile also has minimal rolling resistance, further mitigating possible injuries from pushing and pulling. It has one of the highest Noise Reduction Coefficients (NRC) and Impact Insulation Classifications (IIC) rating of any commercial flooring product, resulting in dramatic reductions in both airborne and structure borne noise.

Strata comes standard with J+J’s innovative pre-applied releasable adhesive, Pre-Fix™. Fully integrated with the unique Kinetex backing, this meticulously designed system allows for an increased adhesive performance while also offering a highly breathable tile which can be installed on concrete with RH levels up to 99 percent.

Strata is made with Universal Fibers, a 100 percent solution dyed polyester fiber that provides rich, long lasting color with superior stain resistance and wear performance.

Kinetex products contribute to sustainable design. They have a 50 percent lower environmental impact than traditional hard or soft surface flooring. They also contain 55 percent recycled content, are fully closed-loop recyclable and certified to NSF 140 Platinum. All Kinetex products meet the Carpet & Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus certification for low indoor air emissions and come with a third-party Environmental Product Declaration

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