Outside In

The goal of the new Outside In Collection is to satisfy the essential need to connect with nature within modern buildings and structures. A pastoral valley, a dense canopy that causes light and color to widely vary across the savanna, nature surrounds with cool grasslands. Choosing organic design elements such as florals and grasses can invoke feelings that rejuvenate and motivate and promote well-being.

Contemplating the beauty of the tall, grassy landscape, sculpted by the action of wind, rain and sun, was the inspiration for Grassland. The tall and shorter blades of grass in the humid pampas and savannas and the more temperate prairies scattered with mosses and lichens add richness to the pattern. The 12” x 48” planks of Grassland mimic the wispy blades of grass blowing through a rolling terrain. Each plank comes together to create a serene flooring installation.

The broadloom design drew inspiration from the way sunlight filters through an opening of sprawling trees, perfectly framing a backlit mantle. Canopy broadloom features a large-scale pattern in which pockets of dark and light intertwine as the sun peaks through the broad crown of the perfect shady tree.

Lush and leafy after the rain and cloaked in a tapestry of blossoms lies the inspiration for Meadow, the new 24” x 24” tiles echo the beauty of a tranquil blanket of flora.  The organic, medium scale pattern allows for an effortless flooring design.

Quick Highlights

  • Textured Patterned Loop
  • 13 Colorways
  • Encore® BCF with ColorLoc® Plus
  • 21 oz.Broadloom
  • 22 oz. Modular