Skyline & Elevated

Skyline and Elevated share design inspiration from the majestic, industrial look of abstract architectural photography.  Each pattern emulates the glass, metal and concrete appearing in varying shapes, forms and colors that boldly define a building’s character.

 Elevated’s large geometric-inspired design makes a vibrant statement, while Skyline’s medium scale offers a subtle, yet similarly striking appearance.  Both products share a lively palette of 20 engaging colors and feature a textured patterned loop construction enabling them to work seamlessly together or separately if desired.  Each can be paired with Chroma for pops of color to further enhance the design needs of the space.

 Quick Highlights

  • 16 oz.
  • Solution Dyed
  • Patterned Loop
  • 24 colorways
  • 24” x 24” Modular Only
  • Five Quick Ship Colors