DALTON, GA – J+J Flooring Group will formally introduce Kinetex®, a breakthrough textile composite flooring, which is an efficient and effective alternative to hard surface flooring, at NeoCon 2013.  Kinetex received the Best of NeoCon Award for Innovation in 2012, setting the stage for its official introduction into the marketplace in June of this year.

“Kinetex answers the long-standing need for a cost-effective flooring product that bridges the gap between carpet and hard surface floors,” says Keith Gray, Director of Product Innovation at J+J Flooring Group.  “The unprecedented performance attributes of Kinetex make it a viable option to replace rubber, vinyl composition tile (VCT) and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring in a wide range of markets, including the education, healthcare, retail and institutional sectors.”

Kinetex has a significant cost advantage over hard-surface floors, a critical factor at a time when administrators, managers and others are operating their facilities on greatly reduced budgets.  The life cycle cost of ownership — defined as the cost of flooring materials, installation and maintenance over a seven to 10-year period — for Kinetex is approximately 30 percent less than rubber flooring, 35 percent less than LVT flooring and almost 50 percent less than VCT flooring.

Kinetex is one of the most extensively tested flooring products ever introduced, according to Gray. It meets a growing need for flooring that supports the principles of evidence-based design in healthcare and educational interiors. Extensive testing has validated the dramatic competitive advantages of Kinetex related to evidence-based design focused categories:

  • Acoustics:   Kinetex features one of the highest noise reduction coefficient and impact insulation classifications of any commercial flooring product, resulting in dramatically reduced airborne and structure-borne noise, such as footfalls and hallway chatter, cell phones, HVAC and moving equipment.
  • Comfort: Textile flooring, such as Kinetex, offers users less postural discomfort, reduced stress and reduced fatigue than hard-surface flooring.  Kinetex has been tested and found to be an anti-fatigue surface.
  • Durability:   Kinetex has been tested in challenging, real -life environments for more than five years.  It has shown remarkable toughness in enduring millions of foot traffic exposures.
  • Maintenance:  Kinetex is very stain resistant and cleans easily.  Kinetex resists nearly every common stain found in schools, hospitals and health care facilities, retail and institutional facilities, including blood, urine, betadine, hand sanitizers, oily foods, condiments, paint, cosmetics, red wine and copier toners.  Kinetex is also highly resistant to bleach.
  • Health:   Unlike hard-surface floors, Kinetex sequesters airborne allergens and irritants until vacuuming and, when necessary, can be easily sanitized with recommended bleach solutions. Kinetex easily meets the rigorous CRI Green Label Plus standards for VOC emissions.
  • Safety:  Research demonstrates conclusively that the number of injuries incurred on hard- surface floors is twice as high as soft flooring.  Tests show that textile composite flooring, like Kinetex, has the highest coefficient of static friction – the standard measure of determining how slippery flooring is – of all flooring surface options, even when the surface is wet.  This significantly reduces the likelihood of slips, trips and falls, as well as the liability that is associated with them.
  • Sustainability: Kinetex is manufactured using no less than 50 percent post-consumer recycled content and is the only flooring product that can be recycled back into itself, much like an aluminum can.

J+J will launch Kinetex with three versatile patterns including Accelerate, Velocity and Momentum.  Each product offers a variety of coordinating colorways that allow the patterns to work together and that were selected to be used in a wide-array of educational, healthcare, corporate and institutional spaces.

Additional information on Kinetex can be found at www.jj-kinetex.com or by contacting Keith Gray at keith.gray@jjflooringgroup.com.