Dalton, GA – J+J Flooring Group has completed Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for its Kinetex® product as well as for all Invision brand modular styles that use eKo® backing. An EPD is a transparent disclosure of the full life cycle environmental impact of a product. The results have been verified by independent third party, NSF International,  and include environmental impacts from raw materials sourcing, manufacturing, installation, use and end of life.

An EPD includes data on every environmental touch point of a product. In addition to examining raw materials and manufacturing processes, the EPD also takes into account packaging, shipping, installation, cleaning and maintenance during product use, and the end-of-life impact of the product. The declaration is based on verified, objective criteria according to ISO standards and the Product Category Rules for flooring products.

“EPDs benefit us as well as our customers. The rigor of completing an EPD helps us pinpoint where our materials and processes have the most environmental impact, allowing us to continue to move toward solutions with a smaller footprint,” said Russ Delozier, Director of Sustainability. “Externally, these EPDs allow our customers to make more environmentally educated decisions regarding the products they buy.”

“By releasing a NSF Sustainability-verified EPD for their Kinetex® and eKo® Modular products,  J+J Flooring Group is taking an important step in providing science-based environmental information about their products.  Their customers also benefit from data that is objective, neutral and transparent,” said Tom Bruursema, General Manager of NSF International’s Sustainability division.

Kinetex is an advanced textile composite flooring that provides an alternative to hard-surface products. It is uniquely suited to retail, education, healthcare and institutional environments where durability is required. Kinetex contains at least 50 percent recycled content, is NSF/ANSI-140 Platinum certified and is recycleable.

Invision’s eKo modular backing is PVC-free, contains recycled content and provides closed-loop recyclability. It is also NSF/ANSI-140 Platinum certified. The face fiber used in styles with eKo backing is either nylon 6,6 or nylon 6.

These are the first EPDs completed by J+J Flooring Group. The company expects to register additional EPDs that will cover up to 95 percent of its product line in the coming months.