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Invision has shifted their product design process for the creation of their newest modular collection, Paradigm Shift. With the intent to use resources to their full potential, they have created a product that incorporates unused yarn and offers striking aesthetics.

As one would shop attics or vintage stores for reusable furniture, the designers at Invision shopped the mill.  What they found was a treasure trove of one of their most abundant materials – yarn – and when excess yarn is combined, it provides a vivid bank of colors.

Two products, Emerge and Evolve, are setting the stage for this lively yet practical collection.  Each style is created using a combination of standard background neutrals that define the pattern along with vibrant colors of the unused yarn intertwined to create subtle movement. The final design mimics the look many knitting techniques or vintage quilts.  Emerge features a linear pattern while Evolve offers more movement.

Evolve and Emerge feature six standard background colors that consist of functional earth tones. Because the accent yarn can vary from tile to tile, dye lot merges for this collection are obsolete. The inherent colorway flexibility allows for easy modular replacement and thus no need for matching dye lots.

Product Highlights

•Six colorways

•Nexus® backing

•Encore® RE yarn

•Patterned Loop

•20 oz.